Commenting on the publication of the report, ‘Cut EU red tape’, which has been published by the Business Taskforce today (Tuesday), Dr Adam Marshall, Director of Policy and External Affairs at the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said:
"Businesses want to see root-and-branch reform of European rules where these hold back our competitiveness. So we support many of the Business Taskforce's recommendations for reform, particularly around employment law, procurement, and the urgent need for a more level playing field for services and e-commerce, where UK companies are strong. It is unacceptable that the single market in goods, which favours Germany, is largely complete, but a single market in services and digital commerce, which would play to UK strengths, is little more than a blueprint on a piece of paper.

"For too long, both Brussels bureaucrats and the European courts have created red tape and restrictions that hold British business back. The Prime Minister is right to commission a business perspective on EU reform, and must pursue the many sensible recommendations in the Taskforce report with vigour as he seeks to revise Britain's relationship with the EU."