Commenting on the announcement by immigration minister, Damian Green, on changes to the Tier 1 immigration rules, Dr Adam Marshall, Director of Policy at the the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said: 


“Measures to attract affluent investors to Britain are welcome. These individuals make a strong contribution to our economy in the medium to long-term, and we must be able to compete with other countries when trying to attract investment. Doubling the number of days that can be spent outside of the UK in particular, will be a big draw.  

 “However, we believe more can be done to encourage entrepreneurs* to set up and settle in the UK. Successful start ups will be an important driver of economic growth, and we urge the Government to reconsider some of the settlement conditions to make it easier for business people from overseas to become permanent residents.  

“The new route to attract exceptional talent is an innovative way to allow the best and brightest in arts, science and humanities to enter the UK. These individuals should be actively encouraged to come to Britain. However, this should be monitored closely to ensure the UK remains a top destination for these exceptional individuals.”