New research by the British Chambers of Commerce has discovered that small and medium sized businesses (SME’s) could be seeing over £2.5 million of post being delayed by each postal strike.

Using information from the Postcomm report 2006 Competitive Market Review, the BCC has ascertained that SME’s send 8,219,178 items per day through franking machines.

With post run through a franking machine either costing 32p or 22p that means that the value of the post delayed every day that a strike occurs ranges from £1,808,219 to £2,630,136.

Natalie Evans, Head of Policy at the British Chambers of Commerce, said:

“Most smaller sized businesses have no option but to use Royal Mail and collectively spend millions of pounds each day on their post. This series of strikes is doing nothing but cause delay and frustration for those who rely on the postal service and the sooner it is resolved the better.”