Over 100 proposals for new housing development of between 2,000 and 20,000 homes have been submitted as part of the Assembly's review of the East of England Plan, the East of England Regional Assemly (EERA) annouced yesterday (10 November 2008)

The developer proposals are just one part of the evidence that county and unitary councils will test over the coming months to provide EERA with an assessment of future local housing needs up to 2031.

The Assembly, a regional grouping of councils and stakeholders which is independent of Government, will use the advice from councils to develop sustainable future plans for the region for public consultation in Spring 2009.

The examination of these developer proposals does not imply that they will be allocated or obtain planning permission in future. It is the responsibility of local authorities to assess individual planning applications.

Councillor Dereck Ashley, Chairman of EERA's Regional Planning Panel said:

"I want to stress that what has been published is a list of submissions from developers and it does not mean that the Assembly, or local authorities, are supportive of the proposals.

"We are currently at the early stages of the East of England Plan review, where we are gathering evidence on a range of different issues including the economy, housing and the environment.

"The proposals from developers are just one of many sources of information that EERA and councils will be testing to make a general assessment of future housing needs. The overall evidence will be used to help develop broad options for new housing development in the region up to 2031, which will be published for public consultation in Spring 2009."

The Assembly's review is needed to plan for the region's growth and prosperity and to respond to issues such as climate change. It will include plans for new jobs and homes, including affordable homes and less intensive use of natural resources.

A schedule of the outline proposals from developers is avaible at:


A public information pack on the East of England Plan - Review to 2031 is available at www.eera.gov.uk/News/public-information-packs