Aimed specifically at SME’s I am in the final stages of developing an HR Review that looks at twelve key HR functions and reviews an organisations approach to and good practice principles in each of these areas. The completed review will determine if HR is delivering the value the business requires and if not, identify and recommend improvements that can be made.

Before I market the review commercially, I want to complete final "on site" tests.

To that end I am looking for two or three medium sized organisations either with or without an HR function, headcount between 50 and 300 employees in the Hertfordshire area, who are prepared to work with me, "face to face" in completing the final development phase of this project.

For "you” there is the opportunity to have undertaken free of charge, a comprehensive review of your HR practices and procedures. Following the reviewmeeting you will receive written recommendations on each of the twelve areas that I will present to you or your senior team as you wish.

For "me" I get to fine tune the review "on the job" before I launch it commercially.

In terms of value, once I start to market this I am looking at a cost of between £2,000 and £3,000 per review so a free review represents exceptionally good value.

If you think you may be able to assist me, or want to know more about the review before deciding, please contact me on or 07841 211771.