Businesses and employers will want to choose a training provider for their apprentices that suits them and is of good quality. Ofsted can help with this because it grades and reports on each provider – we are the only organisation which does. Ofsted uses four grades: outstanding, good, requires improvement and inadequate - so we make the quality of the training clear. Employers can then compare training providers’, quality outcomes in their area and sector. This is done against a national and comparable quality framework so all training providers are inspected in the same way.  Ofsted publishes its inspection reports on apprenticeships training providers so employers who have apprentices can read these reports and compare the providers in their area and their sector. This can help when they are deciding which one to choose or if they plan to change their provider. If you search on ‘Ofsted’ and ‘reports’ onyour search engine, you will find the site or click here.  

Employers’ views about their training or education provider are really important to us. When Ofsted inspects, the provider should tell you that the inspection is happening and send you a link to the employer view survey. An Ofsted inspector might also contact you to hear your views on the training your apprentices receive.

We want to engage more with businesses so they know how they can benefit from Ofsted inspections and reports and so that they can give their views about their apprenticeship training to inform those reports.

If you wish to know more about Ofsted inspection please contact Charles (