I hereby give notice that the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry Annual General Meeting will be held at 6.00pm on Wednesday 28th January 2009 at Ramada Jarvis Hatfield. Following the business of the AGM there will be a presentation on Chamber activities and, following a highly successful year for the Chamber, our plans for the future.

In giving notice of the AGM I would like to take the opportunity to thank members for their support for Board recommendations at the recent Extraordinary General Meeting to reduce the size of the Board and to introduce a countywide Business Advisory Council. This decision will strengthen our already effective policy and representational activities locally, regionally and nationally.


In developing our transition all Directors bar the Chairman and the Chief Executive have agreed to stand down immediately prior to the AGM and submit themselves to the nominations process.


The Nominations Committee will be responsible for:


Recommending the appointment of Directors to the Board for ratification at the AGM


Ensuring that their recommendations deliver a Board that comprises experienced people with Board duty knowledge and expertise


Delivering recommendations that will ensure that the Board has a balance of complementary skills


Ensuring that the Board reflects the business profile in the county


Ensuring that the Board has an appropriately diverse mix of Directors


If any members wish to make any other nominations they should do so by 5pm on Monday 5th January 2009. Nominations will require a proposer and seconder and will need to be accompanied by a CV outlining the nominee’s business and board experience. 


Yours faithfully,



Neville Reyner CBE DL