Charities in England and Wales may need to comply with various directives set by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR), if they operate in Scotland, adding to the burden of regulation for such not-for-profit organisations.

OSCR this week issued three consultation documents on the establishment of an accurate charity register, meeting the charity test, and consents and notifications. Depending on the outcome of the consultation, charities in England and Wales may be required to register with the OSCR, comply with the Regulator’s registration process and consent to continuous monitoring even though Scottish charities operating south of the border will still not have to submit to English regulations.


Sudhir Singh, Chairman of the Charities and Education Group at Baker Tilly and partner in Watford office, commented, “We were the first to highlight the likelihood of dual registration and regulation for the charity sector and to identify the repercussions. We are conscious of the effect that more regulations may have on charities; in light of this, we have a keen interest in ensuring that the OSCR does not create an onerous system for these organisations.”


OSCR is giving charities the opportunity to respond to its proposals in writing or by attending one of the consultation events. The deadline for feedback is Friday 27 January 2006. Singh adds, “We encourage charities to make their views heard by participating in the consultation and shaping the final outcome. The implications of dual registration and ongoing reporting could be far-reaching, and we need to make every attempt to ensure that the new regulations are streamlined and practical.”