Responding to the publication of the Government’s second Statement of New Regulation, Dr Adam Marshall, Director of Policy and External Affairs at the British Chambers of Commerce, said:

“This statement shows that ministers have failed to stem the flow of new regulation – even on their own measures. No Government, anywhere, should impose £45 million in new costs on businesses in the midst of a bumpy recovery and uncertain global economic climate.

“For business, this is where ministerial rhetoric comes crashing down and reality bites. The argument that ‘regulation could have been much worse’ falls flat in the real world, where patience on de-regulation is wearing thin. Ministers have promised much and must deliver.


“Worst of all, this Statement doesn’t include the Agency Workers’ Directive – the proverbial elephant in the room. The Government has already admitted that AWD will cost British business over £1.5bn each year, far more than any of the tiny regulations they are removing today. The Cabinet should have taken the chance to delay AWD, strip out the huge and unnecessary extra costs put in by our own civil servants, and save UK jobs.”