Companies are under ever more pressure to improve their environmental performance from regulators and customers (who increasingly require evidence of their supply chain’s environmental credentials).  Operating an Environmental Management System can help demonstrate that a company is meeting the requirements of their stakeholders, while at the same time providing cost savings, tightening production processes, improving internal communications and satisfying insurers by demonstrating better risk management.

The East of England Development Agency and the European Social Fund has just approved financial backing for a ground breaking eighteen-month pilot project to provide businesses in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire with extensive business environmental training – free of charge. Linden Consulting Partnership, managers of the Hertfordshire Resource Efficiency Club, will cover Hertfordshire.


The program comprises three training elements and on –site support:


A one-day Chartered Institution of Wastes Management Waste Awareness Certificate course

A five-day Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Level 3 Environmental Management course which will enable those who gain the certificate to be recognised as ‘legally competent’ in the eyes of BS8555 and ISO14001.


Three one-day workshops dealing with the first three phases of BS8555 (a phased Environmental Standard in six parts which, if companies choose, could lead to EMAS/ ISO 14001)

Three days’ on-site help and advice on how to implement your Environmental Management System and develop your Business Improvement Plan.


Completion of all the training elements involves 9 1/2 days over the next 12 months.


What makes BS8555 attractive is that it is a way of implementing an Environmental Management System in manageable ‘chunks’ at your own pace.  Companies can attain phases in their own time and may, if they chose, gain recognition for the work they’ve done by becoming accredited to the one or more phases at a time.


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