At an annual Council meeting held on Tuesday 14 May 2019, Councillor Lewis Cocking was elected as the new Leader of the Broxbourne Borough Council.

Speaking proudly after his appointment as Leader, Councillor Lewis Cocking said: “I feel deeply honoured to have been elected Leader of the Council and I am thankful of my colleagues for placing their confidence in me”

“I would also like to congratulate Councillor David Holliday, on his new role as the Deputy Leader, and thank the outgoing leader, Councillor Mark Mills-Bishop, for his work.”

At the meeting, and in one of his first formal duties as Leader, Councillor Lewis Cocking appointed four new Cabinet members.

Councillor Paul Mason is the Cabinet Member for Finance and Business Services, Councillor Siobhan Monaghan became the new Cabinet Member for Housing and Community Services, Councillor Keith Brown joined the Cabinet line-up as Member for Planning and Regeneration, and Councillor David Holliday was appointed to the role of Cabinet Member for Environment.

In addition to the Cabinet changes, Councillor Giles Hall stepped into a new role as Chairman of the Scrutiny Committee, whilst Councillor Tony Siracusa remains as Chairman of the Planning and Regulatory Committee, and Councillor Mike Iszatt also retained his position as Chairman of the Audit and Standards Committee.

Councillor Steve Wortley was welcomed into his new post as Mayor of Broxbourne Council, and Councillor David Taylor has become Deputy Mayor.

As part of his role as Mayor of the Council, Councillor Steve Wortley has chosen to support two organisations of great significance to him and of much value to the public. This year’s Mayoral charities are Teens Unite, a charity dedicated to supporting teenagers with cancer, and Herts and Essex (Ware) Samaritans, committed to supporting those feeling isolated and in need of emotional support.