As part of Watford Borough Council’s ambitions to develop sustainable transport, two exciting proposals - which are part of Elected Mayor Peter Taylor’s manifesto promises - are being discussed at the next Cabinet meeting (Monday 8 October). They aim to improve public transport across Watford, and include a bike share scheme and a flexible on-demand bus service.

If approved, the recommended schemes proposed by the Elected Mayor will support the provision of sustainable transport as Watford grows. This is essential given the increasing pressure on the transport network in the borough and particularly in light of the growth expected, with the government asking Watford to build around 800 new homes every year.

Elected Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor, said, “During the election campaign, I talked a lot about improving our public transport, so I am pleased that we are making progress with this. Our town is growing and we need to make sure our infrastructure keeps up with that growth. We need better public transport. I will work to invest in new bus services, create a new cycle hire scheme and I will fight for improved rail services for Watford.”

The sustainable transport initiatives being discussed at Cabinet are:

  • Bike Share Scheme: Public Bike Share (PBS) refers to bike share schemes which are open to the public, with cycles available for hire on-street, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are currently 25 schemes across the UK.
  • Flexible on-demand bus service: A number of operators have set up Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) local bus networks in UK towns and cities. An app is used to book your minibus ride, picking you up at a ‘virtual’ stop and dropping you at your destination. The app combines passenger requests and determines the most efficient route.

If agreed at Cabinet, consultations with stakeholders and the wider community will be undertaken in the next year and it is likely that to create safer and accessible routes some modifications to transport routes will be necessary. For more information, visit