September is the time of year when many timetable changes to bus and rail services come into effect. The new timetables are now available to view, so whether you use buses or trains each day or every now and again, you can check out the new timetables online.

The latest bus and rail service timetables for Hertfordshire can be accessed at

As schools in Hertfordshire are due to return for the start of the autumn term on Monday 2 September, it’s advisable to check whether any of the service updates will affect your journey.

Derrick Ashley, Cabinet Member for Transport, said:

“Back to school time is always a busy period for our transport network, so it’s a good idea to research your bus or rail journey ahead of time so you’re aware of any timetable changes.

“Through the Intalink partnership, the county council works closely with bus and train operators in Hertfordshire. By pooling our resources we’re able to co-ordinate services between providers as well as offer useful information on a range of bus and rail services throughout the county.”

To view the new timetables, visit the Intalink website ( The Intalink website also provides maps as well as information on journey planning, service disruptions and where to find you find your bus stop.

The vast majority of bus services in Hertfordshire are run by commercial operators. Hertfordshire County Council subsidises around 10% of bus services to fill gaps in the commercial network.