No pain or needles involved ! Are you a musician, a member of a local music society or music-related organisation, a potential sponsor or just someone like us who loves music in all its forms? Yes ? Well how helping us to make the 2008  Hertford Music Festival the yet. We’d really appreciate your help and support, whether it’s by suggesting future events or, better still, rolling up your sleeves and getting ‘hands on’ as a member off the organising team. In case you’re not familiar with the Festival’s history, it was originally the brainchild of the then Mayor of Hertford, Henry Sargent MBE, when the Festival took its first faltering steps in 1994. Since then it has grown in size and stature and brought a variety of headlining performers to the County Town including Helen Shapiro and Humphrey Lyttelton, the London Philharmonic, the Syd Lawrence Orchestra, The Damned, Max Bygraves, The Overtures, Opus One and many other internationally famous acts.  Our Festival has also done its bit to launch many home-grown performers into the spotlight through its Young Musicians Awards. These include Sara Walsh and Cassie Pay (Sarana), Black Cab, The Gaff, Hanzo, Ruff Justice, Old Skool Reasons, Broadway Park, Nuala O’Halpin (Nuala), Silver Blaze and The Stubbs.  We’re determined to build the Festival into something bigger and better that epitomises the heart and soul of Hertford – and to do that we need new blood.  If you want to make a contribution or just air your views why not come along to our Annual General Meeting taking place at 7.30pm on Wednesday 14 November at the Hertford Castle ? So come on Hertford, this is your chance to make this your music festival! Get in touch with the organisers via Kev Saunders on tel 07773 845679 or or the Press Office at AVF Communications on tel 01992 300344. Adrian FosterPress Officer

Hertford Music Festival Society

HertfordTel: 01992 300344