If you are one of the many organisations now needing to re-arrange your working space due to COVID-19, JPA can help you:


·         Re-planning your existing working space to show optimal occupancy

·         Physically arranging your existing furniture & adding extra power

·         Removing surplus furniture for storage in our warehouse

·         Crate hire or purchase to store or move surplus equipment

·         Re-locating IT and other equipment to other sites as needed i.e. home workers

·         Re-locating your organisation to new premises

·         Planning re-locations to ensure optimal use of existing furniture resources

·         Re-delivery of your furniture for when your staff return


Alternatively, if your business is thinking of re-locating or re-sizing, whether across town or nationally we can help you every step of the way.   Why not arrange a free no obligation site visit (real or virtual) from one of our surveyors to discuss the requirements of your office move where we can create a move plan tailored to your specific needs whilst minimises down time for your business operation.


For more details simply call our team on 01727 840800 or get on touch at hello@jpa-workspaces.com for more details.