National Declutter Week 7-18 March 2012

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the mountains of stuff piling up in your home, garage or office, then you’re one of the targets of National Declutter Week 2012. Most of us find it hard to throw things away, but when everything starts to pile up, we can quickly feel disorganised and out of control.

To help people assess their own level of clutter and its effects on their wellbeing, relationships and wallet,’s National Declutter Week campaign encourages individuals, families and businesses to take a serious look at their living and working environments. 

“Our society has changed so much over the last 50 years,’ says James Tuson of local storage experts, Herts Storage in Ware, ‘but our houses are still the same size.  Suddenly we have access to a lot more, but we don’t necessarily have any more space to put it.   People often come to us at this time of year because they’ve looked around and realised that their homes and offices are crowded with clutter, and they want to make a new start for the New Year by reclaiming their space. “

With the housing market still slow, and businesses struggling to borrow extra finance for proposed office extensions or moves, many people have realised that they need to make the best of where they are. 

With competitions, expert advice and information on how to go about sorting, clearing, donating and storing the stuff that’s piling up in our homes or offices, National Declutter Week just might offer us the perfect opportunity to get organised.  By creating cleaner, calmer and happier places to live and work, we can hopefully then sit back and reap the emotional, physical and financial rewards that emerge from under the clutter we’ve cleared away!

For a no obligation visit, pop in to Herts Storage or log on to  In celebration of National Declutter week Herts-Storage is offering a 10% discount to everyone up until 7 April, 2012.