Commenting on the conclusions of the National Audit Office’s evaluation of RIAs Sally Low, Director of Policy and External Affairs at the British Chambers of Commerce said:

“The conclusions of this report come as no surprise. Our annual Regulatory Impact Assessment report: The Burden of Regulation: Who is watching out for us came to a similar conclusion. Despite government claims to the contrary the RIA is still not being used systematically or effectively. Government claims to support evidence-based policy, but they are still failing to ensure that officials are conducting good quality economic analysis.

“Whilst costs and benefits on new proposals are insufficiently assessed then we will continue to see the UK’s regulatory burden increase.  Research undertaken by the BCC indicates that this is already at more than £55bn, which is the cost of new regulation to business since 1998. We now have a new department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform let us hope that this new departmental emphasis on regulation yields results sooner rather than later”.