More money for Environmental Audits Need to Actually Help Businesses to Go Green.

Commenting on the Budget announcement that an extra £100 million will be given to business service providers to encourage and advise small-to-medium sized businesses (SME's) on energy efficiency Natalie Evans, Head of Policy at the British Chambers of Commerce said:

"We welcome this extra funding to assist small businesses to go green.  However, it is important that this money will actually be effective in meeting this aim.

"SME's account for 50% of business energy use so if the Government wants to meet it's Climate Change Bill targets they need to ensure that they support and enable SME's to become more energy efficient.

"SME's are keen to become more energy efficient as a greener workplace creates a more efficient and profitable business.

"The current system of Environmental Audits has been ineffective with 62% of respondents in a recent survey undertaken by BCC saying that they felt current government initiatives to promote energy efficiency were unsatisfactory.2

"If the Government wants to meet the challenge of climate change it is important that this extra funding is not wasted, but is properly targeted and made easy for business to access so that SME's see a real positive change in the current support provided."