Latest Advice from Hertfordshire Constabulary   - 03/07/07

In light of the recent terrorist related incidents the below advice has been approved for dissemination to contacts in business.

Please consider the following advice carefully when operating your premises.




  • Search your premises, inside and out, before, during and after opening hours.
  • Remain vigilant during opening hour’s and report suspicious activity immediately to the police.
  • Ensure your emergency exits are secured when not in use to prevent any unauthorised entry past any screening regime you have in place.
  • Evacuation responsibilities and roles must be clearly communicated to staff, routes and exits must be well defined and evacuation plans exercised regularly.
  • Please ensure all staff and customers are evacuated via the safest route to outside the recommended minimum cordon distances.  Remain out of the line of vision from any suspect device after exiting any cordoned area.
  • Avoid where possible areas of glazing
  • If you operate a CCTV system ensure that the date and time stamps are    accurate and the system is registered and well maintained, and any images are retained for at least 31 days.


David Mahon                                                                                                                                    


Crime Prevention Officer