In 2015/16 £1.7 million was awarded to HEFCE for 28 projects to develop and pilot engineering Masters Conversion courses for non-engineering graduates.

The UH bid to HEFCE last December has been successful and the School of Engineering and Technology is developing this programme, which is designed to receive non-engineering graduates from a wider range of STEM subjects (in particular Physics and Mathematics, but also Chemistry, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Food Science and related fields).

61% of Bioscience and 40% of Physics first degree graduates are female vs. 14% for Engineering (IET 2015) so this course will be ideal for females considering the Engineering profession.

The programme offers qualifications in the following subject areas:

·         Aerospace

·         Automotive

·         Manufacturing

·         Mechanical

·         Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The aim of the programme is to equip non-engineering graduates with a STEM background to meet the stringent demands of today’s highly competitive industrial environment. On completion of these courses students acquire a broad understanding of Engineering with a focus on one from the six speciality awards listed above. Full or part-time modes of study will be accommodated.

For further information quote CoC/UH and contact Susan Murray, Programme Leader,