A new initiative is being launched to promote the benefits of finding a Learning Champion in companies which have a workforce of between 10 and 250 employees.  There are a series of events being held across the region, where companies can learn about the massive benefits to be gained by having an employee who can improve staff retention, identify skills gaps, review a training skills analysis and introduce a ‘planning for succession’ programme.

This person may already be in HR and looking to develop their skills, or work as a PA in the company or it might be a completely new job opportunity for development within the organisation.   

If companies fall within the size criteria ie are a small to medium sized business* based in the East of England they are eligible to have 1 or 2 staff developed to be able to:

- Develop a training plan that meets the needs of your organisation and staff

- Find funding that can support your training needs

- Ensure that training brings you a return on investment  

Over 250 organisations have joined the project since January and the search is on to double this number by July 31st.  This FREE qualification provides the chance to up-skill the workforce whilst getting the best out of your staff.


As part of the project, Learning Champions will:


- Gain a recognised qualification in recognition of their work

- Gain access to the Learning Champions online resource centre, packed with information and advice on training and funding

- Attend workshops and network events on improving the productivity and performance of your workforce, all free of charge.  

For further information, please contact Sharon Davies, The Consortium for Business, 01462 650246 or visit The Learning Champion website at www.learningchampions.com/hcc 


*Eligible to non-unionised companies in the East of England with less than 250 staff. Other conditions may apply. 

ESF- This programme is part funded by the European Union through the European Social Fund. 

LSC - This programme is co-financed by the Learning and Skills Council.