Making Successful Recruitment Decisions is a new two day course from Realworld Consulting Ltd. It is relevant for anyone who has the need to recruit people into their company (large or small) where it is crucial to employ the right person. Have you ever experienced the following situations? ·         you recruited someone who came across well at interview, but when they joined they seemed to lack the attitude or performance you thought they had? ·         someone you recruited left after a short period of employment, either because they were not up to the job or they found that the job was not for them? ·         you spent a lot of time carrying out interviews, but none of the candidates were any good? ·         you advertised for a vacancy, but received very few or no applications, or, you received hundreds and hundreds of applications?   ·         recruitment always seems to be done in a rush to try and get someone in, but you end up compromising on who you take? This course will help you identify your ideal person, think through where to find them, learn assessment techniques that will complement the interview, learn how to construct the right questions and then practice your interviewing skills! We use real actors for your interviews which are videoed and evaluated (by you) afterwards! You will end up feeling confident and able to conduct professional interviews and most importantly find the right person for your business. Remember even if you recruit one person they represent you and your company so it is important to get it right.  

The course will be held in Hemel Hempstead on 5th / 6th December. The price for the course is £495 per person.

 For detailed course information and booking please visit