Responding to the Budget today David Frost, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, said: 

“This Budget will be seen as one that saw a number of tax increases which failed to help businesses overcome the difficult conditions they currently face rather than one that restored the relationship between the Government and the business community.

 “The pre-Budget Report last October brought in a series of changes that complicated the tax system, increased taxes and made the UK a less attractive place to come and do business.  Unfortunately the Chancellor has not repealed the bulk of these measures and the business community will still feel that the Government has used them as an easy target for the Treasury. 

“It was good to hear the Chancellor make specific reference to the SME community however and we welcome initiatives such as the Small Firms Loan Guarantee and the plan to impose a limit on the amount of regulation that can be imposed by Whitehall departments.  It was also heartening to see the Government set a goal of SME’s winning 30 per cent of all public sector contracts over the next five years.”