JPA Furniture, Hertfordshire’s award winning contract furniture supplier have piloted a ground breaking scheme, to re-distribute redundant office furniture by donating it to BRE’s Business Innovation Centre and Mansion House Business Start Up Offices.

Joanne Crawley from BRE says “this is a fabulous concept from JPA Furniture, who have liaised with the British Library to reduce their unwanted furniture landfill by finding it much valued homes in the community.  Our Business Innovation Zone and Mansion House Projects are ideal as we are providing low cost space for business start-ups and this innovative concept helps make this affordable and contributes to the local economy – also helping the local community, reducing land fill and, carbon emissions – what a winning combination”.

Currently JPA Furniture are working with the British Library to re-home over 130 items of redundant but still serviceable office furniture as part of their Environmental Programme and having networked closely with Wendy Henrys at the St Albans CVS, have many homes lined up which is very exciting.

“This is just one of the sustainability schemes that we have in place in order to raise awareness of furniture waste and reduce our clients’ landfill costs and emissions.  We also have materials recovery programmes in place, and in order to prolong the life of existing furniture for longer, offer a range of repair, refurbishment and fresh services” says Fiona Edwards, JPA’s Sustainability Director.

St Albans based JPA Furniture are also currently offering to collect and recycle old furniture free of charge on orders for all new furniture on a like for like basis – lets reduce that landfill!!