• 57% of businesses pay all their staff at least the Living WageAn additional 22% of
  • businesses pay most of their staff (over 75%) at least the Living Wage


Commenting on the National Living Wage rise and the increase in the number of firms adopting the Living Wage, John Longworth, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce said:


"A healthy majority of businesses already pay all of their staff at or above the Living Wage, and many more are on a journey to do the same. We applaud the work done by the Living Wage Foundation and others to broaden and deepen the voluntary take-up of the Living Wage, which remains the best way to bring additional companies on board. This is particularly important in sectors such as catering and leisure, which remain least likely to be able to take up the Living Wage.


"After some extremely tough times, many companies - and particularly small and medium-sized ones - are finally in a position to push ahead with wage rises. This is good news for business, for employees, and ultimately for take up of the Living Wage. Britain must aspire to be a high-wage, high-skill economy - for the sake of our prosperity and that of generations to come."