The University of Hertfordshire and leading mediation organization Intermediation, in collaboration with the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce, are pleased to announce the pre-launch of the Hertfordshire Mediation Centre located at the University of Hertfordshire Law Court building in Hatfield.

The Centre is a brand new £10 million facility will deliver high quality mediation services to both businesses and their customers.

Mediation is encouraged, by both the Courts and legal professionals alike, to be the first stage considered in any dispute so that it can be resolved before ever having to go to court.

The Hertfordshire Mediation Centre would like to see all forms of business, sole trades, Chamber of Commerce Members, their customers, suppliers and clients sign up to the initiative whereby a clause is included within their contracts to always first offer mediation when they find themselves in dispute with another individual or business.

Signatories who sign up to the scheme, will be eligible for a wide variety of benefits that include; mediation discounts, mediation training, consultancy policy, contract and terms review and much more.

The Hertfordshire Mediation Centre will officially launch in May at the The University of Hertfordshire Law School, Hatfield.