Kelly's is working with the University of Hertfordshire Student Union on a joint project to raise money for a local charity by holding one of their charity events on campus.

100% of the money made from the event will go to the nominated local charity, The OLLIE Foundation; as a local company Kelly's funds charity events as a way of giving to charity - and do not take anything back at all, not a penny.

Click here to see an example of another event, held in conjunction with the University of Surrey.

A 10k and 5k run will be taking place at the University of Hertfordshire on Saturday 30th November.

Runners from the student and staff bodies have been invited, and Kelly's are calling out to the local area and local business communities to join in running and raising for the cause!

To register your place for the run please visit their website.

This event is organised wholly for local charity, OLLIE, who work to prevent suicide in young people.