We hope you and your teams are safe and well.

Over the last two weeks we have been busy setting up our clients with Covid19 Stay Safe Team Checker - our simple tool to manage the complex health and safety challenges that businesses are having to navigate.
We know from our recent survey that you, as leaders are worried about how your team members are feeling about the safety of their workplace in the post lockdown world, and how anxious the team are feeling as they return to work.   
To help, and to enable a successful and sustainable return to trading, we have created a "COVID-19 Stay Safe Team Checker". 


COVID 19 Team Safety Checker

We recently ran a survey asking business leaders across the UK and Ireland for their views on handling the pandemic. One of the most striking results of the survey is that leaders are more worried about their team members during the crisis than their own families BECAUSE they cannot SEE and be with them.

In response we have created a three month ‘Stay Safe Team Checker’ with the aim of conducting a daily ‘check-in’ with each of your team members via a link on their mobile phone or computer.  The check-in data is then collated into a dashboard which shows how everyone in the team is feeling and highlighting issues that may need to be addressed.


The benefits are:

  • Peace of mind that you are covering your duty of care to your team
  • Boosted team morale by demonstrating that you care about them
  • Instant notifications when team members do not feel safe so that any issues can be resolved before becoming bigger problems
  • Evidence to protect you from any future accusations that you did not keep your team safe
  • The system is available at £150 (exc VAT) for three months and can be up and running within 48 hours
  • There are add-ons available to monitor your furloughed team and those team members that are getting ready to work or working from home should these be required

To find out more or to order your system please email paul.saunders@insight6.com