Fiona and James visited the British Library with Lee and Jerome from the John Dewey Independent Specialist College, and presented the “Banksy Rat” painting by GOFE 1 to Tom and Carolyn in Facilities.

JPA had organised for redundant furniture from The British Library to be delivered and installed at John Dewey for their new library area. Lee Nelson, Vice Principal (curriculum) said:  “The sofa fits perfectly where we planned and gives what was once just an upstairs corridor the feel of a social space, just what we want for our library.  The cupboards are great too, they will let us keep resources secure and the taller ones have given us the idea of creating a ‘Technician’s Store’ that we can then put one of our students in charge of, so not just storage, a work-  experience opportunity too!  Paul and Martin were wonderfully helpful and enthusiastic too, they made fast friends with our student caretaker Chris who took great delight in seeking out your website to show them”.

Other furniture recipients of furniture from the British Library include Castlehaven Community, eSmart Savings, ULCH, BRE, Connect Club, Isabel Hospice, Garden House Hospice, ST Albans Feed Programme and The Living Room.