This event is a workshop created through a collaboration between Argenta Europ Ltd & Cranfield University. The event aims to provide the experience of how collaboration leads to high potential Opportunities for Innovation.
 In this workshop you will:

  *    look at the benefits of open innovation for your business
  *    take the first steps in making new, high-potential connections
  *   experience how collaborating with others can help you discover innovative ideas
  *     take away valuable new contacts and innovative ideas

The workshop is completely free, hands-on and practical The event will benefit companies who are looking for innovation opportunities through collaboration. It will focus not only on purely technical innovation but widely about business innovation and bringing your ideas about.

  *    parallel markets for existing products
  *    new service ideas to complement products
  *    improved processes
  *   new technologies
  *     . . . and, yes, even new products


13.30 Registration, coffee and introduction to the Centre for Competitive Creative Design at Cranfield

14:00 Introductions

14:05 Benefits of Collaborative Partnerships

15.00 SpeedStorming Networking Session

16:30 Gallery

16:45 Mini Booster

17:15 Review of the day and wrap up by 17:30

To register for this event please follow this link: or for more information contact Justyna Spurtacz via