Could you benefit from the expertise or equipment of a market-leading organisation in your sector, but need some help forming contacts and financing the project?


InCrops can help!

InCrops runs a voucher scheme that allows Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the east of England to benefit from the expertise or facilities of established expert organisations. The scheme supports the regional bioeconomy by part-funding collaborations between businesses and research organisations

Through the Innovation Voucher scheme, you can reclaim up to forty per cent of the cost of collaborating with experts in your sector.  

The process of using an InCrops Innovation Voucher will help develop ideas, and lead to novel products, process or services that will help companies grow.

The focus is on the development of new products, processes or services contributing to the Bioeconomy, leading to an increased use of renewable plant-based resources.

Click here to view our eligibility criteria. If you are eligible, look at the detailed process below, then talk to us about your application.