With the holiday season on its way, hotels and restaurants should look to the environment to boost their custom, says Envirowise – by tapping into the growing market of eco-conscious customers.

And with research that shows 9 out of 10 British tourists consider active protection of the environment to be part of a hotel’s responsibility, the need for action by the sector is clear. (1)

To get started towards resource efficiency, Envirowise recommends hotels and restaurants try the following:

Carry out an audit to understand current water use in each part of the site, for example the kitchens, restaurants, guest rooms, laundry and toilets. This will help identify areas with the greatest potential to make savings.

A ‘laundry re-use’ scheme, whereby guests are asked to request clean towels and linen, can reduce water and energy costs.

Consider water efficient technologies, such as low-flush toilets, push/spray and timed taps and flow-controlled showers.

When replacing old and inefficient washing machines and dishwashers, consider installing water and energy efficient models.

It is also useful to check utility invoices and the volume of waste produced and where possible compare water usage per employee for hotels. Visit www.envirowise.gov.uk/wateraccount for more information.

For free advice and support on becoming more resource efficient call the Envirowise Helpline on 0800 585 794 or visit www.envirowise.gov.uk.