The UK has the highest level of obesity in Europe. The Government has said that the public health threat posed by obesity in the UK is a "potential crisis on the scale of climate change". Meanwhile, the Tories will rename the Health Secretary the Public Health Secretary to show its commitment to tackling the issues of public health if they win the next election.

We'd like to know if businesses view public health issues as the time bomb politicians would have us believe them to be. The debate in Westminster is dominated by the cost of poor public health to the NHS, but what is the cost to business?

Are public health issues like obesity, alcoholism and drug misuse having a negative impact on your business? Should business be worried about the fact that the UK is lagging so far behind the rest of Europe in tackling these challenges? We'd like to hear from you.

The debate is an international one. Since April this year employers in Japan have been told by their Government that if they don't combat workforce obesity they will face fines.

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