Virtual Assistants (or Freelance PAs as they are also referred to) are becoming more well known in today’s business world, but often small businesses and sole traders are unsure as to whether or how a VA can help them. 

Here are some of the benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant:

Increased Productivity – Working with a VA means that you have more time to concentrate on growing and developing your business, whilst an expert handles the essential administration and background work. 

Reduced Workload – By delegating work to your VA, you have more flexibility thereby allowing you to attend more meetings, network at conferences, or take a holiday while your VA is continuing to work on your business projects.

Less Stress –By allowing your VA to handle the administrative and time consuming tasks, you are less stressed and therefore more productive.

Improve Customer Relationships – Your VA is the first contact clients have with your business and this creates a more professional image.

Problem Solving – Your VA is someone to discuss business problems with, in confidence.  A good VA will want to gain a thorough understanding of what your business does, what sort of systems you have in place, your working style and what causes you the most difficulties.

Financial Savings - Virtual Assistants have their own fully functioning office, so you don’t have to pay for any of the costs of business equipment, office overheads, etc.  Similarly, you won’t be liable for an annual salary, National Insurance, sick pay etc.  You only pay for the time it takes your VA to do the work.

Dedicated Support and a Ready-Made Support Network - VAs understand the challenges faced by small business owners, and have numerous connections who can be called upon to provide additional support when necessary.

Working with an Expert - A VA won't require training. They will have the experience, software, knowledge and dedication to get your work completed on time.

Full-time or Part-time – You can use a VA on a day to day basis for more regular and repetitive tasks, or just for ad-hoc projects as necessary.

Flexibility - VAs offer flexibility and are very often available outside of normal hours.

VAs can undertake almost all the same work as an office-based PA, but they do it remotely from their home office.  Tasks include the following:

• Typing/dictation, proofreading, editing and formatting documents.
• Planning meetings and events.
• Travel and hotel bookings.
• Keeping a database of your clients and suppliers.
• Diary and email management.
• Call handling.
• Internet Research.
• Managing your mail and phone calls while you are away.


So if you are struggling with your business admin, or drowning in paperwork, consider working with a Virtual Assistant in order to restore order to your office, free up your time to drive your business forward, and to redress your work/life balance.

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