The Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry is delighted to announce that Tesco Stores Limited has become a founder member of our new Patrons Scheme which is designed to bring together influential businesses and business leaders to influence key policies within the county, regionally and nationally and to play a key role in promoting and supporting the Hertfordshire economy.

Chamber Chief Executive, Tim Hutchings said, “I am thrilled and delighted to have attracted support from a company that is not simply a world leader in its sector but one which bases its Head Office in Hertfordshire and is a provider of thousands of jobs in the county. In developing this scheme we are seeking to develop active and dynamic relationships that will not only be of benefit to the organisations concerned but also to the wider Hertfordshire community”.

The Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry has led business efforts in the county to raise the education and skills agenda and is particularly keen to work with the retailer to play a part in increasing the employability of Hertfordshire people. 

Mr Hutchings said, “Giving people employability skills is absolutely vital, Tesco are an exemplar in training their own staff and if we can learn from them, and pass on the lessons learnt, there will be enormous benefit for us all”.

Michael Kissman, Tesco Corporate Affairs Manager, said, “As a major local employer we are always keen to play a role in supporting the Hertfordshire community, by linking up with the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry we look forward to enhancing the considerable work we currently do to support the local economy. After all, we may be an international company but our home is here in Hertfordshire”.