The Chamber has been approached by, an organisation run by Chartered Surveyors, that is committed to getting a fair deal for British business on all matters relating to property.

This month we are looking at small business rate relief as we believe that there is probably around £15 million over three years to be saved or refunded in the Hertfordshire area, that could be in our members pockets and hence in the local economy.

If you are entitled, and you should be, if you have only one property and the rateable value of that property is less than £15,000 pa, you will be entitled to up to £1000 a year over three years, including a refund for 2007.  There are 17,000 properties in Hertfordshire that meet this criteria and the Local Government Associaton estimates that only half of them have claimed.  But you need to act NOW, as with most refunds there is a time limit.

All you have to do is visit check your entitlement, print out a form that will be emailed to you, sign it and put it in the post.  Your local Council will then send you a refund and reduce your costs for the next two years.