Save time, save trees and save a LIFE this Christmas by requesting our great BIG Herts Air Ambulance Christmas Card! 

It's simple: instead of spending money and writing Christmas cards to all your colleagues, send your Christmas wishes by signing one special A4 Christmas card and make a donation whilst you're at it.  Your donations will help the Herts Air Ambulance carry on its life-saving missions into the New Year. 

The Herts Air Ambulance is a vital life-saving Helicopter Emergency Medical Service for the County. It costs in the region of £130,000 per month to cover all charitable costs and aircraft operations. In this current economic climate when fundraising contributions have declined, it makes it even more difficult for us to reach this essential monthly figure.

Dawn Easby, Herts Air Ambulance Senior Fundraising Coordinator, said: “This is an easy and fun way to support your life-saving Air Ambulance. It’s the busiest time of year so take the pressure off and request our great big Christmas card which can go on display in your canteen or staff room for everyone to see; guaranteed to keep you all feeling warm inside!"

Every day, volunteers, the public and local businesses work tirelessly to help raise the required amount to keep your life-saving Helicopter flying 5 days a week. The Doctor/Paramedic Team bring two sets of skills to the benefit of patients, enabling life-saving procedures to be carried out which would not otherwise be possible so early in the treatment process.

To request your A4 Christmas card and fundraising pack call 0845 504 0055 or visit to find out more.