The Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce is delighted to be part of the Landlord Investment Show, to be held at the Holiday Inn London-Elstree, Barnet bypass, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, WD6 5PU, Thursday 24th September 2015, 10am - 4pm (FREE entry).  Come and meet with over 30 exhibitors within buy-to-let and attend the many different seminars delivered by Industry Experts.

The Landlord Investment Show is National buy-to-let Property Exhibition that goes to the hot buy-to-let areas. We attract Landlords, Investors, Management Companies, Property Professionals, Letting/Estate Agents, Local Councils and anyone who has an interest in the private rented sector.  It is run by Tracey and Steven Hanbury, both are experienced landlords and understand the need for independent up to date advice for new and existing landlords, but as business people also fully appreciate a show needs to deliver successfully to exhibitors too. 

Just some of the areas we go to include London Olympia, London-Elstree, Manchester, Maidstone, Croydon, Reading, Colchester, Milton Keynes, Ashford,  plus many more.  This show on the 24th September will be our 25th exhibition that we have successfully delivered in just 2 years.

Not to be missed is the Morning Networking Event 9am - 10am. Come and network with Landlords and Investors along with Property Professionals in an informal surrounding.  This networking event is designed to give you an opportunity to meet and discuss local issues, share best practice and experiences, with decision makers and Industry Experts.

Great Reasons why to Exhibit:   

- Promote your services in the buy-to-let hot spot areas we go to.

- Meet with 100% targeted audience of Landlords. 

- Each show will be promoted to thousands of Landlords and Investors.

- We include extensive marketing campaigns which will give you an additional competitive edge.

- Establish you as a buy-to-let experts in areas around the Country or in your area.  



Our seminars are very popular so therefore please arrive before the seminar starts to avoid disappointment of getting a seat. There is no need to register your attendance to the seminars and they are totally free. More seminars to be announced.


Ben Beadle

Tenancy Deposits - What you need to know

About Ben Beadle

Ben is the Director of Customer Relations at the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and Managing Director of TDS Northern Ireland. He has extensive experience in tenancy deposit protection and dispute resolution. Ben looks after membership, communications and marketing in England and Wales but previously adjudicated on tenancy deposit disputes, following a previous career in lettings and property management.

About TDS

TDS is the leading authority on tenancy deposit protection. We operate the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, (an insurance based scheme in England and Wales), provide key services to SafeDeposits Scotland, a custodial scheme and run TDS Northern Ireland which offers both types of scheme – all done on a not-for-profit basis.


Chris Rowell - Total Landlord Insurance

How to avoid A Potential Loss

About Chris Rowell

Chris Rowell, Business Development Executive for specialist landlord insurance provider, Total Landlord Insurance, will be hosting a seminar at the Landlord Investment Show in Reading. Chris has over 12 years of experience in the landlord’s property industry.

Chris’ presentation will include case studies, warning signs and helpful tips to help landlords and property professionals prevent a future loss on their investment properties. It will also include helpful advice on how to identify a valuable landlord’s insurance policy without being exposed to specific events that may not be included in basic landlord’s insurance policies out there within today’s market.

Chris will open up questions to the floor at the end of his presentation should there be any further queries.


Susannah Cole - The Good Property Company

How to Make Significant Cash from Flipping Property

About Susannah Cole

Susannah Cole is highly respected in Property Investing Circles. She is well established in property, running a very successful flipping strategy already with the market place buzzing, and also owns a substantial HMO and single let property portfolio. She started The Good Property Company 4 years ago, as a kitchen table start up. In that time, she and her team have sourced more than 160 properties, at an average discount of 29.5% with a value of over £30 million, in Bristol. She loves property and loves to give back in the shape of Workshops and her Group Mentoring Programme, helping others achieve (and hopefully, surpass) her own successes to date, as well as Sourcing Deals for clients. Visit our stand to obtain your FREE 100 Property Lessons.


Complimentary tea and coffee in the main exhibition room.


Marie Parris -   

The Ultimate MasterClass in Vetting & Checking your own Tenants. The word “thoroughly” has been so misused when associated with tenant checks – and by doing a confirmation of employment and tenancy is not enough. In this interactive seminar Marie Parris will demonstrate how and why you must drill down on the information provided by tenants on an application form and supporting documentation. By following Marie’s SOP (standard operating procedures) you will learn how to reduce your chances of renting to a rogue tenant – the type that never has any intention of paying your rent.

Learn tips on how to vet every category of tenant. Discover the loop holes that can be missed by most reference agencies. Understand the procedures to put into place before and after a tenancy for a hassle free experience and much more. No matter your level of landlord experience, Marie simplifies this process.


John Stockly - !

An Auctioneers Lot

A founder member of Clive Emson Auctioneers; Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and Fellow of the National Association of Valuers & Auctioneers. John is a Director of the company and has been conducting the Kent Auctions for 30 years.


Tony Gimple -

Tax Planning and ownership structures for Investment Property Owners, Investing in property is one of the best ways of generating income and capital growth; and since the 1980’s more people than ever have chosen to buy residential buy-to-let as a way of increasing their net worth.

The market is booming, and lots of us are seeing it as an attractive alternative to pensions, as well as being good for general wealth creation and a reliable method of making their families better off than might have otherwise been possible.

Whilst many people have significantly increased their net worth, few have taken or received joined up professional advice as how to balance the contradictory demands of Capital Gains Tax (CGT), Corporation Tax (CT), Inheritance Tax (IHT), Stamp Duty (SDLT) and Income Tax, which is why structure is such an important subject. Likewise, no one ever thinks of what will happen when they die or can no longer manage their own affairs.


Simon Lacey - Business development manager

A legal update and dealing with deposit disputes

About Simon

Simon joined my deposits in February 2009 after establishing his career within the property sector, working in both sales and lettings for corporate and independent agents. As part of the Business Development Team, Simon works with landlords and letting agents across England and Wales on tenancy deposit protection and best practice.

Simon will cover the latest updates to the deposit protection law including the De-Regulation Act, which could now require landlords and letting agents to protect deposits that didn't previously fall under the law.

Simon will also run through how a deposit scheme reviews your deposit dispute case, covering what makes a watertight inventory, how to use photos as evidence, keeping track of correspondence and specific clauses for your tenancy agreement.


Paul Shamplina

How to Avoid a Bad Tenant and Make Your Property Pay

 In this session, Paul Shamplina - Founder of Landlord Action and (for over 25 years) the UK property sector's 'go to' expert when dealing with bad tenants - presents his top tips on avoiding bad tenants ... and if are unlucky enough to get a bad tenant how to get them out of your property and collect the rent arrears.

Last year there were 161,000 possession claims at court - and you really don't want to add to that unpleasant statistic this year.

Paul will explain the latest changes in the law and the lettings industry, as well as advising landlords on how to run a tight ship and avoid disputes.

A television regular, Paul ‘s latest appearance was on Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords on Channel 5 and he is currently filming the 2nd series to be broadcast in March next year.. Paul sits on the Advisory Council for The Property Redress Scheme and has been advising the Government on a Think Tank for methods to speed up the eviction process.

Paul also has a book published for Self Manage Landlords, 'The Landlords Friend' (co-written with Kate Faulkner). The book is available on the stand.


David Humphreys

Training The Great Debate

"Free" Online/At Home or "Paid For" Online/At Home/On Location Training?

Some argue that there is absolutely no need to "Buy" Property Investor Training because everything you need to know is Freely available on the Net or inside Free CD’s, Guides etc. And there are certainly a high number of Free Training videos, e-book's, guides, webinars & CDs listed.

Property investment is a very big multi-topic subject.

So where do you start looking for Free Training & Education without any hassle such as?

You don't know what you don't know & You don't know what you need to know.

You may not even know the technical/commonly used terms to Google.

You probably won’t know if you are listening to a real "expert", or just a "wannabe".

You also need to know that a high percentage of this "Free" material is produced to help the marketing/selling of the training courses, workshops, seminars, books & guides of the publisher.

That is not to say that there is no value in this Free material, there is, but it is often very difficult to develop the complete picture from the material, regardless of its length, and you are unlikely to know what's missing.


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