Drug Education Scam

The Hertfordshire Drug Education Forum (DEF) is advising local businesses wishing to purchase drug education resources (and leaflets in particular) to support schools, colleges or youth organisations, to be very cautious about the companies who approach them. Over the past year there have been a small number of resource ‘scams’ across the UK and some schools and individuals have consequently lost their money. 

The scammers typically send letters out to schools, local businesses and individuals offering their publications and asking for ‘sponsorship’ to ensure their leaflets reach other schools. On the rare occasions where these leaflets actually exist, the information contained within them are misleading, untrue and potentially counter-productive to effective drug and alcohol education.  

The latest example of this scam was discovered toward the end of last term. If your organisation has received any information from a company calling themselves “REACT Publications” (supplying a booklet called “No Drugs”), then please disregard their correspondence. This also applies to another publication titled “From the Heart” produced by Child Protection UK LTD (C.P.UK), which contains incorrect information. The DEF have contacted Trading Standards about these booklets and are warning all partner agencies about their content. There are a myriad of effective FREE resources for schools and colleges, and all new drug / alcohol leaflets are vetted by the DEF for prior approval.  

If your organisation is actively looking to support drug education and prevention initiatives then please contact Rob Bacon, DEF Chair, on 01438 202887  rob.bacon@hertscc.gov.uk for further guidance. 

The DEF would also like to hear from organisations that may have been affected by this scam so it can be reported to the appropriate authorities.