Hertfordshire County Council provides vital services to every single resident of Hertfordshire. 

However, central government’s priority of cutting the national deficit in public spending means that the council’s total income is falling whilst the pressure to spend increases, due to inflation, the county’s growing population and the cost of meeting the many needs of Hertfordshire’s residents, including older people and people with a learning disability.  

To help balance the books, over the last four years the County Council has worked to deliver savings amounting to £149 million a year. Eighty-five per cent of the savings have come from doing things more cost effectively, enabling us largely to protect the range and quality of front-line services. 

However, we now calculate that, over the next four years, we will have to find further savings growing to £109 million by 2017/18 in order to respond to rising demographic and service demands.

Whilst the council’s priorities will remain to be as efficient as possible and prioritise available money on front-line services, it is clear that difficult choices will need to be made in order to make these significant savings. We would welcome businesses’ views on the approach we should take to meet this objective.

To find out more and to see the analysis of revenue and capital proposals across service areas for 2015/16. Please click here