Hertfordshire County Council provides vital services to every single resident of Hertfordshire.

Over the next 3 years, they need to reduce their budget by £100 million. This is because of a reduction in the amount of money they receive from central government combined with greater demand for our services.

They must make sure that they continue to provide the right services to the right people and also remain flexible to meet the needs of their changing population.

As our population ages and more people require care, more of their budget will be spent on supporting older and vulnerable people. For instance, an additional £17.4 million was needed in Social Care and Health this year. They also have a growing number of children in the county who need school places.

Given the financial challenges they face, they still need to make some important decisions about how they allocate money and we want your views.

Whilst the council’s priorities will remain to be as efficient as possible and prioritise available money on front-line services, it is clear that difficult choices will need to be made in order to make these significant savings. They would welcome businesses’ views on the approach we should take to meet this objective.

Visit their website to view an analysis of revenue and capital proposals across service areas for 2017/18 and give us your comments.