The County Council’s revenue and capital budget, covering 2011/12 - 2014/15, was proposed at Cabinet on Monday 31st January.  The Council proposes to freeze council tax across all years, despite increasing demand for our services and reduced grant support from central government.  This will require the council to find ever more efficient ways of delivering services.


The County Council has looked at how it spends its budget and as a result has developed a package of efficiencies to be delivered over the next three years.  The package takes into account reductions in our staff costs, our contracts with suppliers, the support structures for services, and the way in which we deliver services.  There are a number of proposals which could result in changes to service levels which have been subject to public consultation.


The two year finance settlement for 2011/12 and 2012/13 was more challenging than expected.  The authority’s main revenue grant reduces on a comparable basis with 2010/11 by 14.3% in 2011/12 and a further 10.4% in 2012/13.


The capital programme maintains an enhanced level of investment in highways maintenance, but no schemes are proposed to be added to the existing programme except where fully funded by capital receipts, grants or third party contributions.


The analysis of revenue and capital proposals across service areas for 2011/12 is shown in the table below:


Net Revenue Budget


Capital Proposals


Health & Community Services



Education & Early Intervention Services



 Safeguarding & Specialist Services 



 Environment & Commercial Services



 Community Safety Services 



 Corporate Services 



 Less: movement in general fund balance




 Use of reserves 



 Proposed Budget 804.0 208.2

Cabinet will meet again on 14th February to recommend a budget to a meeting of the full Council on 18th February, taking account of latest available information.  If you would like to make an comments on the proposals please send them to by 9th February.

The full report for the 31st January Cabinet meeting can be found on the HCC website at  Reports for the 14th February Cabinet and 18th February County Council meeting will also be available on our website nearer those dates.