Hertfordshire County Council is in the early stages of preparing a new Minerals Local Plan. As part of this process, we will run a ten-week public consultation from Monday 3 August to Friday 16 October to seek your views on the subject and contents of the plan.

Derrick Ashley, Cabinet Member for Environment Planning and Transport said:

“Minerals are essential to our everyday life and help secure economic and social development through the construction industry. They are used to build houses, roads, businesses, transport infrastructure and more. They are also required for our services like hospitals, schools and sports facilities, as well as used for agricultural purposes and many other resources.

“As the Minerals Planning Authority for Hertfordshire, the county council is required to plan for our future minerals supply and to determine mineral planning applications by maintaining an up-to-date plan. The plan will combine the national legal requirements with knowledge of the local environment and changing circumstances in Hertfordshire.”

The Initial Consultation document sets out the process for how the county council will identify potential sites for extraction rather than the identified sites themselves.

The published Initial Consultation document is your opportunity to provide feedback and ideas on a number of issues that we have identified.

The ten-week consultation will start on Monday 3 August and will run until Friday 16 October and can be accessed on the online consultation portal at http://hertscc-consult.objective.co.uk/portalor by searching for ‘minerals planning’ at www.hertsdirect.org.uk.

Following the consultation period, the county council will take the comments that have been received into account during the preparation of a draft Minerals Local Plan. It is intended that the draft plan will be published for further public consultation in autumn 2016.