A new economic partnership led by Hertfordshire County Council aims to support businesses and residents through the recession and ensure long term prosperity.

Leader of Hertfordshire County Council and the new partnership, Robert Gordon, said: "We are looking forward to working with a wide range of partners and the business community to breathe new life into the county's economy. Hertfordshire needs to promote itself as a good place for business to encourage investment, growth and entrepreneurship."

The partnership board consists of representatives from the county and district councils, University of Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the East of England Development Agency, colleges of further education, and the voluntary sector.


The partnership has set up five key priority areas for actions:

- Strategy and economic intelligence

- Inward investment and business growth

- Vibrant towns

- Recession task force

- Skills and economic participation

The partnership encompasses the work of a recession taskforce set up by Hertfordshire Forward at the start of the year to help residents and employers weather the effects of the economic downturn.