Hertfordshire Constabulary currently has over 400 officers in 90 dedicated Safer Neighbourhood Teams across the county engaged in Neighbourhood Policing.

Neighbourhood Policing involves local police working with other agencies and the community to identify and resolve crime and quality of life issues specific to local Neighbourhoods. It is very much about putting the needs of communities at the heart of local policing. A crucial element to the success of Neighbourhood Policing is that local people have a say in deciding what issues the police and their partners will tackle in their neighbourhood.

For Neighbourhood Policing to be fully effective and reflective of the community it is essential that businesses are involved in the Safer Neighbourhood agenda and able to actively contribute to priority setting and problem solving to resolve local issues.

To help get a clearer understanding of what businesses expect from their local Police and invite businesses to become more involved in Problem Solving and Priority Setting  in their local area we would very much appreciate it if you were able to assist by completing the below Stakeholder Survey.