The Constabulary is working hard to protect residents, businesses and communities and, to support this face-to-face activity, we have created some ‘self-assessment' surveys that work in the same way as a police expert's checklist - helping you to help yourself.

Please click on the link below to download a business premises security self-assessment form. You can print off a copy and work through the sections as you walk around your offices and/or buildings.

You may be surprised to know how safe your business is, or there may be areas for improvement that could make it even safer.

When you have done the survey, you can download a certificate and, if you need further advice on crime prevention, you can speak to a Crime Reduction Officer (contact details on the self-assessment form).

Please let us know if you think the self-assessment is a good idea and tell us if you are going to use it - email with ‘business self-assessment' as the subject to

Please follow this link to access the Business self-assessment form