Yolanda Rugg, the CEO of Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce visited Sir Frederic Osborn School this week to talk to year 10 students about the work of the Chamber, but also about how best they can prepare themselves for the world of work. She was supported by two young employees from the Chamber, Alex and Courtney, who explained to the students the career pathways they had followed which had ended with them working for the Chamber of Commerce.

Yolanda Rugg spoke to the students about the qualities and skills that business leaders are looking for when they are recruiting new employees. She inspired the students to always try to be prepared for opportunities that life may put in their path, emphasising the importance of education as key to this preparation.

Students commented :
Georgia Hurd : “Ms Rugg made me think about taking the many opportunities which are there for you and to grab something special when it is there. I will now make my curriculum vitae different and interesting”

Jack Evans : “this session highlighted the many skills I am doing in school which apply to real life and how to maximise my opportunities for the future.”

Janae Winpe : “I have learnt that the things I am doing at present can have a huge impact on what I can do in the future.”

Jack Farmer ; “there are lots of different opportunities out there for you and you have to go out and get them and not wait for them to come to you.