The Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry is planning a seminar to help businesses and their employees understand more about pension saving and planning for retirement. The seminars will focus on the importance of pension saving, along with the current issues to assist people in making confident choices about their financial future.

The Hertfordshire Chamber seminar comes at a time when pension saving is high on the agenda in the UK and with findings from the Pensions Commission indicating that as many as 9 million individuals have inadequate provision for their retirement.

This event is one of 35 seminars held in different locations around the country and will be open to both members and non-members of Chambers of Commerce. The session will provide:

  • Information from a respected expert about the benefits of pension savings
  • Practical and useful information for future pension investments
  • Information on how changes in legislation may affect businesses and /or employees. In particular will address the impact of the pensions A- Day (April 6th 2006) and how this will affect business and employees –including details on the amounts that can be saved each year, changes to retirement ages, as well as when and how you can draw on pension funds.
  • Details of where to go for ongoing support and information

Tim Hutchings, Chamber Chief Executive, said: “We are pleased, through delivery of the seminar, to be promoting the importance of financial planning for retirement. Getting the right information on pensions across to employers and their employees is crucial. Individuals need to be switched onto the importance of saving for their retirement and it is clear that employers can play a significant role in helping raise awareness.”


To find out more about the seminar please contact Jill Coggins on 01707 398400 or visit our Training and Events page on the website. Or to find out more about the other seminars in the UK please visit