The Hertfordshire Environmental Pledge is an initiative which seeks to contribute towards maintaining those parts of the Hertfordshire environment that are green and pleasant whilst inspiring improvement in those parts of the county where the environment is not as we would wish. The initiative will not involve business and organisations in unproductive and unnecessary paperwork but will encourage straightforward steps to increase resource efficiency. In most cases the measures taken will amount to no more than commonsense “housekeeping” leading to a reduction in costs, an opportunity to engage staff and to provide an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to the local community.

Chamber Chief Executive, Tim Hutchings said, ”The Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry does not claim any expertise in this area nor does it profess to fully understand the efficacy of the various arguments being put forward. Nonetheless, we have taken the view that we cannot afford to wait and see if the worst case scenarios come to pass and that immediate action is necessary. In developing our case we are conscious that small measures taken by individual businesses will not in themselves have great impact but through collective effort we will slowly do so”. Making the pledge is not intended to be a difficult exercise, indeed, if thoughtfully implemented may simply be an exercise in cost saving.

Whilst more sophisticated methods of saving energy and resources will be welcomed, businesses and organisations may simply pledge to make small changes such as reducing the use of paper and other consumables, fuel, gas and electric. Alternatively businesses might wish to support their local environment through initiatives such as tree planting or through supporting the activities of organisations such as Groundwork East of England.                                                                       (

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