Funding has been made available by Envirowise to set up the Hertfordshire Resource Efficiency Club (HREC). The source of money is the landfill tax, which is being recycled from Defra back to businesses. The aim of HREC is to assist its members to utilise resources more effectively with the minimum of waste, expense or unnecessary effort.

Membership of the Club is free and members will benefit from a wide range of initiatives designed to improve resource efficiency and reduce their environmental impact.


Envirowise estimate that for the average company, the true cost of waste is approximately 4.5% of turnover and that this can be reduced by 1% by the application of no- and low-cost measures.


HREC will help members to realise cost savings through reducing the use of raw materials, water, packaging and solvents, minimising waste, and improving process control and energy efficiency. HREC will offer on-site assistance in these areas and training workshops are also planned that will cover these topics.  The Club will provide business opportunities through networking with other members, joint initiatives and signposting to support funding.


The club will be based in St Albans and managed by Dr Eric Strecker of Linden Consulting Partnership. A steering committee consisting of representatives from Business Link Hertfordshire, Envirowise and the business community will direct the activities of the Club.


The Club will be formally launched on March 20th and the website is now live: